Legends of Tomorrow Casts Ali Liebert As Love Interest For Sara Lance
25 Dec. 2015

Legends of Tomorrow Casts Ali Liebert As Love Interest For Sara Lance

It’s Christmas Day, Legends of Tomorrow fans and it looks like the show gave us a little Christmas Gift for Sara Lance! Entertainment Weekly broke the news that Ali Liebert (Kyle XY, Fringe) has been cast on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as Lindsay Carlisle, a new love interest for the White Canary and is described as “a soft-spoken, intelligent lady who is the ideal picture of 1950s womanhood. Although she might seem at home amongst the strict morals of the time, she harbors a dark secret: she’s a lesbian. Confused and scared, it seems she is doomed to suffer alone in a backwards time … until she falls for a girl from the future, Sara Lance.”

Executive producer and show-runner Phil Klemmer revealed this to EW about Lindsay and what her dynamic with Sara is going to be like when they meet each other in their first episode together:

“At the start of this episode, we find Sara Lance completely out of place, both in time and place, visiting 1958 ‘Pleasantville, America’ — and also out of place emotionally. After Sara was brought back from the dead on Arrow, she hasn’t been herself — she’s been consumed by a quest for bloodshed and incapable of  having romantic feelings for anyone. The strict social norms of the fifties makes this the last place Sara Lance would ever expect to find love with a young, closeted nurse, but that’s how love works — it finds you. When Sara first meets Lindsay Carlisle, she finds herself in the position of caring about someone for the first time in forever — an idea she’s not entirely sure she’s ready for. It’s easy for our cold hearted assassin to kill a hundred people, but does she have the ability to care about one?

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premieres on Thursday, January 21, 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. craigmacd says:

    I think Ali Liebert also played a lesbian in two other TV shows (Bombs Girls and Lost Girl) so this isn’t much of a stretch for her.